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Sophisticated, minimal, whimsical designs are the hallmarks of jewellery designer Alessia.
Born in Italy, lived in Barcelona, Mexico City and London
she is a renowned contemporary jewellery artist.
The MUMoosh Collection has been created to meet the requests of girlfriends
turned mothers who want trendy and easy-to-wear jewels.
The name is the onomathopeic translation of the Amharic word 'mamush'
meaning 'little boy'.

Alessia is the adoptive mother of the little Ethiopian lion-boy Age

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The first Cloud jewel was created for Alessia's sister. She was going to get married and worried for the many rainy days in her Country. She dreamed of a sunny time to say her 'yes I will!'. As soon as she wore the jewel amulet, it worked! The Cloud Collection gives the wearer more and more sunny happy days!


Moms! what could be more beautiful than have your children close to your mum's heart all day long? Ask for bespoke bracelets if you have more than one child, you can choose from 4 different faces: baby boy, baby girl, child boy and child girl.


Want to send a sea of kisses, an ocean of cuddles, a lake of hugs to your sweetheart friend? show your love with a Kiss jewel. Earrings, pendants and a bracelet.


The perfect amulet for a mum-to-be is the little Spring Chick she carries with all her love. The First Earrings for Girls (and grown-ups...) are their favourite Pets. Which pet would you like to see in our shop?

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