MUMoosh Jewellery is a celebration of motherhood.

The designer behind MUMoosh is Alessia Semeraro, the award winning contemporary art jeweller. For the last 20 years her work has been recognised in various publications and exhibitions in galleries and museums.From her studio, Alessia aims to use her Italian flair for design and her very personal
experience of motherhood, to create fine jewellery that both celebrates and strengthens the special bond between parents and their children.
It all started when she sealed the bond between her and her son via a bespoke jewel they designed together to mark the occasion. It wasn’t long before she was being asked by her friends and colleagues for similar mum-and-kid jewels for themselves, their friends and their children!The easy-to-wear designs and high craftsmanship of the pieces, highlight Alessia’s view that everyone deserves personal attention and affordable, quality pieces of jewellery.In MUMoosh Jewellery, icons, art and love nourish the synergistic relationship between timeless jewellery and maternity lifestyle. The effect is sophisticated yet informal, healing yet witty.MUMoosh wearers create their own stories and choose to represent themselves through the icon jewels from the two collections:•BACIO (Kiss in Italian) is the universal language to show love to family and friends
•PICCOLO (little in Italian) is the icon of our children faces and people we love
The MUMoosh name comes from the word ‘mamush’ in Alessia’s son’s original language, meaning little boy.All jewels are handcrafted in sterling silver.For more information and catalogue please send us an email or call at the following contact
UK +44 (0)7445 999 190
Love, Alessia and Agegnehu